If you really love ’em, say it with a ham flower!

  It’s about 2 days to Valentine’s Day and while most of the world goes all heart-shaped in the iris and hormones go into overdrive at the thought of nights filled with red,… Continue reading

Garçon there’s a snail in my plate!

I did it! Despite all my apprehensions and vociferous “no’s”, I finally took a deep breath and yanked the poor creature out of its buttery grave and into my mouth! Yes, I ate… Continue reading

What all Pulaos should be- the Goan Sausage Pulao!

What does a self respecting Catholic do on a Sunday? Well, we eat copious amounts of food, feed others and grin as we drift into what that beautiful thing called the siesta. One… Continue reading

Food crawl Mumbai- The South Indian delights of Matunga’s streets

In the first of a series of Food Crawls across Mumbai, I visit the little South India of the city- Matunga. This is an old neighbourhood in central Mumbai that has been the… Continue reading

Ask Me Anything!! I’m on Reddit today!

The good people at Reddit have invited me for an AMA or Ask Me Anything. I’ll be answering questions about Indian food mainly, but really anything! Go ahead, tune in to reddit at 11AM PST and ask me anything!!

Easy Indian style Fried fish from my book Beyond Curry

Whether you’re new to the kitchen or just craving some Indian flavours, this dish is a must try. It’s from my book Beyond Curry Indian cookbook. Once you try it out, you’ll realise… Continue reading

It’s finally here!! My Cookbook!

  A labour of love for both food and my first love – writing. My cookbook is launching in just a few days on April 19th through Rockridge Press Berkley California. Each of… Continue reading

Pork Sorpotel- The East Indian Way

You know how the saying goes- a rose by any other name… Well nowhere is it more true than with the Sorpotel. Amongst the various sub sects of the Indian Catholic community, the… Continue reading

New eatery alert- Ellipsis Café

Tucked away, quite literally, in a part of Bombay very few have ever seen is the newest, sweetest little bakery –Ellipsis Café. I’d never have expected to find a European style bakery in… Continue reading

Easy peasy banana muffins!

  I love cooking. The more challenging or exotic sounding, the better. But baking is a whole other story. I immediately get lazy and find a million other substitutes to it. Like the… Continue reading