New eatery alert- Ellipsis Café

Hidden in a leafy BMC ground is the warmly lit, inviting Ellipsis Bakery.

Tucked away, quite literally, in a part of Bombay very few have ever seen is the newest, sweetest little bakery –Ellipsis Café. I’d never have expected to find a European style bakery in an overgrown, sprawling BMC grounds. But Ellipsis has managed it. And quite nicely. The location of the café is half the charm. The other half, is obviously the delicious food.

Yes, there are a couple of BMC trucks and a few gigantic machines as you enter. But the size of the compound makes them seem quite insignificant. Ellipsis Café is set in a clearing in a wooded area, in a cottagey structure that’s warm and inviting. It’s quite far from the main gate of the grounds, so if you think you’ve accidently stumbled out of a porthole into Bombay’s leafy past, you’ve reached the right address.


ELLIPSIS FotorCreated

Handpainted signs and cool graphics give Ellipsis Bakery a young vibe.

Now about the food. If Ellipsis (the Colaba restaurant) is involved, can it really go wrong? There’s plenty of baked goodness waiting patiently to make you drool and part with your money from the display. The café itself has a warm, cozy vibe with the daily, freshly baked specials listed on a blackboard. It’s an open plan kitchen, so you can see the talented Chef painstakingly tend to cakes, croissants and various delicious bits and bobs.

Bagel banana ellipsis



For now there are a couple of tables to sit and marvel at this little discovery from, while tucking into a cupcake or two. And shelves stacked with freshly baked goodies to go.

The excellent cookie dough cupcake and the creamy raspberry cheesecake!



Ellipsis café is a tad on the expensive side, with cakes priced at almost double the standard rates at good bakeries. But the quality is truly worth it. I had the mushroom quiche, which was packed with earthy mushroom flavours and topped with a sinful cheese. Then a cookie dough cupcake which gave new meaning to the words ‘separation anxiety’ and a chorizo bagel bomb- which as the name suggests is an explosion of flavour.


Oh-so-pretty chocolate muffins, a mid explosion chorizo bagel bomb and cracknut pies

Oh-so-pretty chocolate muffins, a mid-explosion chorizo bagel bomb and cracknut pies.


Go here for a break from the usual cafés and run-of-the-mill bakeries. Stay a while and experience a quiet, charming city outside, which most of us Bombay-ites get nostalgic about.

There's lots to choose from. Savoury and sweet. And new introductions soon with more salads and sandwiches.

There’s lots to choose from. Savoury and sweet. And new introductions soon with more salads and sandwiches.


Must tries

The Crack Nut Pie (Rs.600), a chocolate-heavy dessert with a 7-inch cookie crust and a sweet-salty chocolate filling topped with candied nuts,

The Banana and Nutella Cake (Rs.300), made with multiple layers of moist banana bread slathered generously with a Nutella and chocolate ganache.

The Cheesecake– a glistening, hearty cheesy indulgence that knows your name the minute you walk in.

And the various breads like peanut butter, cinnamon, a Neapolitan bread made with heaps of aged Cheddar, butter croissants (Rs.150) and brioche and pretzel rolls (Rs.175-250) that are arguably the best in the city.



Ellipsis Bakery, Recondo Compound, inside the BMC Asphalt Compound, Worli (66164653). Open daily from 11am-8pm.