That lazy Sunday lunch. Sleep inducing Jardalu Sali Boti and Pulav

There’s nothing like a Sunday lunch to pick me up. The week’s problems seem to melt away with a nice, hearty meal. Really, what do you need apart from a delicious lunch and a… Continue reading

Flying Malpuas, a must-see video of the making of this sweet treat on the street!

  Malpuas are a delicacy synonymous with the Muslim community of India and found along most street corners during Ramadaan. They are delicious, extremely rich crepes that are deep fried and eaten warm.… Continue reading

San Sebastian’s Bar Bergara- A local Pintxo bar that’s not on the traveller’s trail

    You can’t go to San Sebastian and have a food-less moment. It’s true what they say about this part of the world. The people here are food-obsessed. And their love for… Continue reading

Uncovering the little-known gems of Bohri food

  Not much is known about Bohri food. And part of me wants to keep this delicious secret all to myself. But then I’m also a believer in keeping regional and community based… Continue reading

Cabbage Thoran- simple, healthy dish from Kerala

      If your travels ever take you to the South Indian state of Kerala, or what is popularly called “God’s Own Country,” it won’t be too long before you get acquainted with… Continue reading

Bacon Par Eedu. That’s Parsi for Eggs on Bacon. And English for give-me-more!

  If there’s an egg on something, it’s probably a Parsi dish. The Parsi love for eggs finds them adding it to almost everything. My favourite ‘par eedu’ recipe is bacon par eedu… Continue reading

Lamb biryani, Bombay style!

It’s wrong to love a dish so much. But the heart wants what it wants—in this case, a big helping (or two) of biryani.  Packed with all the things I love- meat, potatoes, rice,… Continue reading

Pork Vindaloo, a must-have recipe.

    It’s the dish the Portuguese left us with hundreds of years ago and adorns tables in Catholic homes over feast days and lazy Sundays. The ‘Vin’ part of the dish is… Continue reading

Chicken Ghee Roast, a sinful supper! Try it with Turkey for Thanksgiving.

If you’ve got to have ghee, this is the best way to have it. It is the most delicious curry you will ever taste. Okay, I exaggerate. Wouldn’t want to offend the lamb and… Continue reading

Crab Curry, a fiery Indian homestyle recipe

  In India, fish markets are an assault on the senses. Brightly dressed fisherwomen, baskets laden with all sorts of fins and shells popping out. Cats—lots and lots of them, between your feet,… Continue reading